Friday, April 3, 2009

Makes ya think

I was reading Gastric Girl's post earlier about how she bought a certain size of clothing and I was trying to imagine what that would be like......and then it got me thinking to the difference in sizing from country to country and to get my head around what is a size say two is.......cos we sure as hell don't have a size two here in New Zealand and then I discovered Online Conversions and I was amazed to see the difference between the US and the Australia sizing's......even then the Aussie ones are usually on the smaller side compared to NZ. So that means my size 18 top that I can fit in NZ is a Size 14 US. Trouble is of course that all manufacturers also seem to have their own sizing.

This week has been a really busy week with both work and play. Have been out a couple of times this week and last night was to a Charity quiz for one of the local country schools. The won a competition and are raiding money to go to the USA. So far they have about $40K or the $50K they need. You can read about it here. Anyway, it was a really fun night and our team of 4 Lions got to the top 10, which was pretty good. There was probably about 34 teams in total. Got home quite late and slept like a log.

Will be getting out for at least 2 walks this weekend, I might try and do one as soon as I get home tonight, just the small one......then get in a bigger one sometime over the weekend.

Sunday I have the local WLS support group, which is great and I haven't been able to go for the last couple, but honestly I am so skint at the moment I have to justify the cost of coming over from my home and spending money on a hot drink......!!!! Wills ee how the budget goes, I could always just have water!!

Had to go to the doctors yesterday, had 3 things that I need attention with. It transpires that I have eczema and the doctor thought it was quite bad. He has given me 3 types of cream to use and one of them is a soap/body wash replacement. I also have a pretty major cyst/boil type thing around my groin area, which apparently is a sort of hybrid of those and acne, which is why it is more prevalent when I get my period. Anyway......apparently the only thing that works to kill this thing, is major antibiotics, which he is not 100% sure I will be able to handle with my tum, so he wants me to try it, with losec......and then with inner health plus to avoid getting thrush (nice)!!!! Trouble is that is $30 alone, and at the moment I just can't afford to buy that. So, do I start taking the meds now? Or wait till next payday before I can get it. The cyst thing has been there for a long time, and although a little uncomfortable is not unbearable.......and I don't want thrush......and it will give me time to send an email to my nutritionist/surgeon to get their advise.
But for now I NEED yours!!!!!!!


  1. I say wait till you can afford all the meds. You so don't want to get thrush and not be able to afford the meds to fix it! Thrush is the pitts, I've only ever had it twice in my life and I can still remember the infernal itch and sting. IKKY

  2. The way I see it you've got two options. Wait til you've got the money for all the meds. Or start the ABs and Losec now, then IF you do get thrush, spend $30 on a one-dose type thrush treatment (like I had to last time I was on ABs). Or you can ask your Dr to do a script for thrush stuff, just in case, which would be cheaper again, but not a one dose type of arrangement.

    I'll shout ya a drink on Sunday if you come Janine :)

  3. I see you have a couple of useful suggestions above, hope you get it sorted. Frustrating and hard when you have to pay so much to get medical treatment.

  4. I second what Chris and Janene wrote...

    Clothes shopping is interesting here. There is NO standards as far as the manufacturers are concerned, so I never just grab what I think is my size and assume that it will fit.

    They also have what they call 'vanity sizing'. The label may read 'size 2' but it will fit people that are definitely not a size 2 :-)