Monday, April 27, 2009

So close.......

I am so close to hitting the sub 100 kgs mark!!! I am sitting at 100.3 kgs this morning and have had a pretty quiet week on the exercise front. My feet are still giving me some issues so have been taking the exercise pretty lightly. My portions have been in check and I have been eating less crap – mainly as a result of not having any money! So something can be said for being poor.

Actually I have found a really really yummy lunch which is stacked in protein. It is a piece of whoegrain toast, with chop chop chicken spread out on it… fav has to be the chop chop chicken with wholegrain mustard……and then cheese melted under the grill ontop. It is such a yummy lunch and really keeps me going. I have also been back into the protein shakes for the last few days and I just think that they keep things regular…….!!

So, I am so hoping that this next week will be the key as I had ordered some protein bars from Zola, the nutritionist and I am having those for lunch with a cup of soup. In the evenings I will try to limit the carbs, but at the moment with money as tight as it is, carbs seem to feature more as they are so budget to cook with.

OH, on the job front, I have applied for a position with New Zealand Transport Agency (formally Land Transport NZ) who I used to work for in Wellington. I am optimistic and I am hoping that I never pissed too many people off. If I am successful it will mean a slight pay decrease but job security. It will also be a lot more structured, which at the moment I think I need….means I won’t be able to read blogs etc at work, but that’s okay.
Oh the only downside is that it is a 7 day a week centre anywhere from 7am till 6pm……but once again job security……which is what I desperately need.


  1. I hope you get the job... surely you don't have to work 7 days a week though?
    And woooo hooo. almost under the ton! well done.

  2. Only 300grams - exciting!!

    Good luck with the job, our daughter worked for them here for a while and enjoyed it.

  3. Good Luck for the job! Your so close can't wait for next weeks weigh in x

  4. Wow, sooo close!! I can't wait for your next weigh in either! :)
    Good luck with the job.. i was wondering the same as Chris, do you have to work 7 days a week?

  5. Best wishes for the job and your under 100 kg goal.

  6. yOU CAN DO THIS jANINE I have so much faith in you my friend...u and others are such inspiration I am thinking in the same track.
    As for the job front oh I know how you feel kiddo I am moving to Chch on the 16th(at presetn just going to rent out house but it may come to fact it will have to be sold) have to try and find work there is just no hope here and I haven't had work in 7 weeks and its really telling its toll on my mind and stuff.
    But things will improve I am ever hopeful of that.