Monday, November 2, 2009

I had a busy

Busy busy weekend, which was good.....I worked an 8 hour shift on Saturday from 8 am till 4pm and then came home ready for the trick or treaters.......I love the idea of Halloween, and we had bought a sign for the front gate/letter box saying "halloween treats" and we put it out at aroudn 5 pm so that we would hopefully get some kids drop by.......well we got one set of two people.......around the age of letdown. I really wish NZ could actually get into this a bit is a fun and harmless event.

Then on Sunday we had the extended family Christmas where all of my grandmothers decendants try and get together for one meal.......a pot luck BBQ. It is usually a little later in Novemember but everyone is so busy this year we had it on Sunday. Sometimes it is the only time I get to see my cousins.

Part way through I wanted to go to the WLS group as one of the newish guys was heading off to have his surgery... and I really wanted to give him my best. Another one of the ladies had not been coming for a long time as she thought she no longer had anything positive to contribute......but I had rung her and told her we missed she was there, and it was great to see her again.Went back to the BBQ and stayed maybe another hour and then headed home.

Today I am really tired and feeling a bit run down. I have been extremely cold and just miserable. I am finding the smallness of this house a little hard and I think I need to get the little studio room set up and maybe do some craft stuff......I just think I am a bit moody today.

Not much planned for this week, I am working 12 hour shifts next Saturday adn Sunday, so that will be the weekend dealt with.

UPDATE: An added part about Halloween.
I realise that this is not a fesitival for everyone, but I like it, and although Americans have embraced it, (the candy part) the meaning behind it is actually Celtic and dates back 2500 years. The church then got involved and changed the meaning behind it, although I still believe in it as a time to remember the dead. On the day of the dead which is Nov 1st.

I also realise that not everyone is comfortable with their kids going up to strangers houses and not knowing if they actually partake in the festival, which is why I bought a sign for our house and next year I will probably do the pumpkin thing or decorate the front yard in some way, probably a few days before so the neighbourhood know that I am doing it.....Will also let the neighbours who have kids know, so they know it is a safe house.


  1. I'm on the other side of the fence in relation to Halloween!
    I would never send my kids out to beg for lollies from total strangers!
    Maybe if you had kids you would feel differently?
    And there is NOTHING funny about having eggs or rocks thrown at your home when you don't give out lollies either.
    It is just dreadful in fact.
    And ummmm... are YOU an American? I sure am not.

    Rant over... sorry.

  2. Wow! I had no idea that there were so many differing opinions on the subject of Halloween ;)

    As you know, I am in the U.S where I have either begged for treats or passed out treats nearly every year as far as I can remember. Here, there is no emphasis on any kind of religious aspect of the holiday. It's more commercialized and a way for people to go out in costumes and solicit candy!

    I have never had a house egged or destroyed in any way in relation to Halloween nor have I taken part in any such activity. I have not heard of this, truthfully. This year, our street was covered in goblins, princesses, monsters and witches. I was completely out of candy in 20 minutes but there were no angry mobs in our yard. :D

    To me, it's a way for kids to live their fantasies. We have all had fantasies where we are a doctor, police man/woman, princess, etc. Adults join in on the fun too with costumes! One year, I hope that Chris and I can dress up for Hallween! If only I can talk him into it... ;)