Friday, November 20, 2009

New Moon.........

Roz and I went to the new twilight movie today......was fab!!!! I only watched the first one a few days ago as Roz had mentioned that we might be going, and I really enjoyed it, and am now going to read the books as I have heard that they are really good, and I love reading, so will be nice to get lost in them. And man- the buff chest of the character Jacob!!!! NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I am down here in Christchurch and the flight was late, but really nice to have a drink with Si at the airport before I left. We headed home and had a lovely chicken salad for dinner, and spent some time chatting before heading to Riccarton that place is huge..........and it has some amazing shops that we don't have have in Palmy. There is an amazing clothing store called TS 14+ and from the brief look at their stuff I LOVE some of it, ......but anyway, I have emailed them as they are apparently opening a store in the plaza in 2010, and I have said I want to work for them!!! Will see what happens.

I went to my nephew's school assembly today as he was in a short skit about Choices and Conscience and it made me think that I have some choices to make in several aspects of my life, and that I need to find what is right for Simon & myself.......isn't it amazing where some lessons present themselves in life?

I have to say that I am really happy that some many of you delurked and commented. As I mentioned I know that some of you read in google reader or have no access to comment etc, but the comments do really keep me going some days. I also know that I don't always know what to say in comments and sometimes it really feels like it has already been said.......but it is really nice to see the support and encouragement. Oh and to answer one question......................NO he doesn't seem to mind........!!!!!!!

Anyway, need to get off Roz's laptop, have a quiet day planned tomorrow at this point as Roz & her husband have a course and then we are just having a meal together with some of the extended family. I will have use of their car tomorrow, so might go and take some pictures around the city and maybe out at the beach. Will see.


  1. Have a lovely time down there with Roz:-)

    You are right - life is all about choices. I have a t-shirt with that motto:-)

  2. ohhhhhhh Jacob and that no shirt thing distracting to say the least!!!!

  3. That's great that you are having such a wonderful time! You needed it! :)

  4. I hvn't seen or read any of the Twilight series, it just does not appeal to me. Glad you liked it though.
    TS 14+ is one of my favourite shops!

  5. I bet he does - he just isn't telling you!

  6. Hi Janine, I read every one of your updates but I guess like so many think "I haven't got anything to say so normally float in, read and leave without saying anything.

    Weekends away are so nice, I've just spent the last two days in Auckland, although have returned home feeling a little worse for wear. (think my system is recovering from the shock of all the wine it had thrown in while I was away).

    I feel poisoned. Oh well, onto the water for a detox.

    Have a great week.

  7. Catching up on your blog. I think working for TS 14+ would be the perfect job for you.