Friday, November 13, 2009


Well what a boring title......I had a job interviews this week......well sort of job interviews....they are 'Meet & Greets' where the prospective employer get's to know you first, before they decide if they want to progress with a formal interview. I am so sick of this.....I just want to be able to get a small simple part time job which is people orientated. Well we will see what happens.

I am off with Si to the Dr's shortly....he accidentally stood on his own foot a couple of weekends ago and the toenail as gone all yukky and infected, so I finally managed to convince him to go to the dr's, so I will meet him there at 11:30 and see what they say.....I truly think he is going to lose his toenail........ouch........!!!! I'll pop back later with an update on that

I am working tonight from 4pm till 8pm at the on call job I do for Armourguard security, which will give me a little extra money for when I go to Christchurch next Thursdays.......3 nights with Roz, going to be so fun!!!! Can't wait!!!

UPDATE: Well, back from the Doctors and Si is not going to lose his toenail.......just on a courseof strong that is great. I am heading of to work soon - but thought I might get a nana nap in as I am really tired this afternoon.

Looking forward to a nice quiet weekend, might head to the Saturday morning market in Palmerston North and check out what bargins we can find. I think I will only have like $20 to spend, but hopefully we can get some good fruit and veges from there. The only other thing I want to acheive over the weekend, is to get the 3rd garden plot weeded, plant some more tomoto plants and to do some baking........other than that it will just be playing my game and hanging out with Si.

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