Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A picture post...

Well I promised some time ago some pictures of the outside of my little here goes......there are a few!!!!
The entrance to the house from the Letterbox to the main front door (conservatory)

Close up of the roses along the path - unfortunatley you can't see that there are about 3 different shades of roses on the one bush

Another close up of one of the roses - I love the orange one.

The house from the road...

The big backyard that Porsche is enjoying

What all 4 of the vege plots looked like......this one will have to wait to be weeded till after we have harvested the potatoes

The first plot that I weeded and then planted runner beans, lettuces, carrots, silverbeat and spinach in.

This one already had the rhubard and the cauliflowers, and since then I have planted corn, brocoli and beetroot.

A shot of all 4 plots......the other two plots have yet to be finished weeding, and I have planted some cabbage, 1 pumpkin and a couple more lettuce.

The outside studio room that the owner of the house used to use as an art studio......I however am actually going to do something else with it........

I can't beleive it - but I am actually going to sew in it.....and do crafts etc. I have started a patchwork sewing project and I will take some pics of that as I get further on.

This is the side of the house just out the backdoor from the kitchen. It is a completely enclosed section and it is more than likely where we will end up having BBQ's etc in summer as we can keep the dogs in the backyard.

Another shot of the enclosed BBQ yard area.

And finally - one of my baby girl!!!!


  1. What a lovely house, luky you to have a room just for you.

  2. nice place for Simon when in the doghouse!!!!!!

  3. What good vibes that house has I LOVE and ENVY your vege garden you lucky things!

  4. Love the place and wow on your vege garden :-)

  5. What a great house and section! Melissa