Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Busy Day.....and some movement

UPDATE: - Someone recently said in a blog that comments actually help them to stay motivated....I am the same!!! I see you all visiting like sometimes 50 people in a day......but you don't comment. I know some of you don't like commenting, or are reading in google reader or like me just can't think of the right thing to say.....but honestly, sometimes it kinda hurts that you all breeze in and out and don't leave me anything constructive....positive or negative. I also know that I write this for me, however is still would be nice to hear your thoughts and comment, even if it via email if you want to comment privately. Okay - enough said.

Started the day off going to the Curves, and although my weight is up I am very very happy to report that my cm's have changed....in fact I have lost 15.5 cm's in total in the last 5 weeks of attending curves, so something is working.....

I have actually lsot a huge amound my middle - a whopping 6 cms from my abdomen.....we measured it like 4 times because it just didn't seem right. I also lost 2.5 of my bust, 3 cm from my waist and 2 of each thigh.........SO super stoked about that, oh and my body fat % went down by 1% so I guess that means I am building muscle........super cool and came just at the right time to remotivate me.

Came home and walked the dog after my protein shake and a catch up on some blogs etc........then made Si some lunch before he went back to work and then I headed out to the garden to do some weeding......there was this one plant that looked kinda like a celery although the leaves were wrong......so I pulled it out....only to discover it was parsnips......so I have two fully grown parsnips from the garden that will no doubt get used.

Have a busy week ahead this week, as I am heading down to Christchurch for 3 days to spend some time with Roz. Will be fantastic to catch up with her and get to know her family better. Oh and I love the spring weather in Christchurch.

Not much on the work front - nothing I apply for I get passed a first interview for.....I have an assessment day on Tuesday next week for IRD, although it is nights and weekends and I don't really want it because it would mean not seeing Si a hell of alot. I am also looking into doing a type of party plan and I am looking at starting it in the new year...it is a product I really like, and there is no one in this area doing it, so hopefully that means I could capture the market......will see. There are no start up costs........just 6 confirmed parties......so if any of you in the area from say Waikanae to Wanganui want to help me out by hosting a party drop me an email and I will let you know more about it......would have to be in late Jan/early Feb to get me started, and there is absolutely no obligation to buy....I just need your house and a few friends......hehe.

Anyway, off to see what Si is up to outside.........he is pottering in the garage!!!


  1. Lol - I can't think of what to say! But good work on getting to the gym and great news about those cms. I've joined a gym - but after the first couple of weeks my attendance has slipped...

    But reading about your success gives me a bit more motivation to get back there.


  2. Have a great time in ChCH, the mini break will do you good :-)

  3. Hi there,

    Yes you are right I am a 'lurker' and really don't know most of the time what to comment. But I do enjoy your blog. I think what you have acheived has been amazing and yes you are an inspiration :-)

    :-) Anna

  4. Hi from me! I usually comment when I read peoples entries. Good luck on the job front.

    Enjoy Christchurch:-)

  5. Enjoy your break in Chch! Am so jealous as I love Chch!
    And well done to your shrinking measurements and lower body fat %!

  6. Is Simon disappointed with a fall in your bust size?

  7. Enjoy Christchurch. I hope the weather will be better down there :)
    Very warm over here in Oz but not so good back home I hear ........will find out soon enough LOL

  8. 6cms around your middle IS INDEED impressive! well done you, How is the rest of the vege garden coming along?

  9. I'm here commenting.... lol @ the bust size comment! hehehe.... have a great weekend :)