Monday, October 12, 2009

Having a blast

Had a fantastic weekend just gone, caught up with Janene, Jo, Jenny, Rhian and Jorja....a very nic mornign tea and then hitting the shops. I managed to score some nice boots on the Friday night at the ezibuy sale room - 70% of the original price and when I went back on Saturday I found some nice jeads and a top...The Jeans a size 18!!!!! and the top was a size 14!!!!!!!! Although it was kinda tight - i bought it, cos i liked the colour and would wear uit under another floaty top anyhow. That at it was a size 14!!!!

In the afternoon Si and I went shopping and stocked up on some essentials for the house and then we pretty much had an at home weekend. Sunday I really wanted to start the walking the dog routine, so at 9:13 I headed out and I took her about 2.7 kms and we got home around 10am - although I did stop and natter to a couple of people I knew, or who had dogs. Got home fromt hat and really wanted tog et stuck into the gardening, so after a late breakfast I did that and didn't stop till around 1:30 for lunch. Got the greenhouse cleared of weeds, (I still need to wash it) and then I managed to completely weed one whole vegetable plot and discovered some lettuces and parsley in it already.

friends came around later on in the afternoon with some runenr bean plants so I am pleased that I had made room for them.....still haev 3 more plots to weed, and in those we have discovered rubarb, carrots, potatoes and I think cauli' well as 101 weeds including nettles......!! Will have to be careful there.

Si worked on our dinnign room table, he has been sanding it back and staining and varnishing it. it was my great grandmothers and we think it is about 80 years old. We left the bumps, stains and scratches on it as we felt it showed it's character bnut now at least it is preserved a little and it has come up really nice. It is a drop leaf table and is all we need for now. I will take some pics when I can.....I know I keep saying that but once we have the internet it will make it easier.

So come to my first day of being at home and not earning........wdid I rest...hell no!!!! Not when I have this much energy!!! Not sure why since my iron levels are really low at the moment, but hey it's working for me. So first things first, walked Porsche in the park about the same distance although a bit quicker today........not long before I got to the end I came across a few peopel chatting with 3 large dogs......and it turns out I know one of the couples from my old church....and Porsche had fun palying with the three other dogs - although as the only girl the others had a hard time leaving her alone........LOL, was funny. They said they meet there every morning around 7:30 so I might try and head down there most mornings, although I think i would make it the later part of my walk as we end up standing around just chatting while the dogs play.

So after the walk today I had arranged to meet Val (Stepmom) and my Anuty Jocelyn at the swimmign pool for aqua aerobics..Si's Mum came too and we had a great 45 min session. I was planning on going to Curves later on in the day but decided that it could wait till tomorrow as I still had to get out in the garden and plant the runner beans, which I can proudly say are in and watered and hopefuly happy and growing.......OMG - who would have thought I would turn out to be a gardener!!!!

Tomorrow I have an MRI scheduled to check out my sacro-iliac joint and this ti9me doesn't seem anywhere near as scary as I know what to expect. It means that I have to be up and have had breakfast by 7:00am as It is nil by mouth for 4 hours prior. So after breakfast I will take Porsche for her walk and then after I get back I will go to Curves in the afternoon. Will be interesting to see how all this exercise impacets on my weight and measurements...I was thinking of not doing any weighing or measurements till 1 month after starting, but not sure I can wait that long......hehe.

Anyway - need to get home - almost 9pm!!!!