Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Not alot happening

There is definately not alot happening in the world of Janine......I have finished the first lot of training for my on call casual job and I have no idea when they next need me. So far I have done 26 hours and got paid for that guess what I am doing.........going to the bank, paying bills and then looking maybe at webcam prices so it is easier for me to upload videos to youtube.......or at least do quick capture videos. I actually upload a new post to my you tube yesterday for those who are keen you can go to HERE

I have been applying for more part time positions but I am finding that I get the "your overqualified" speil and short of telling them that becuase i have been sick (and frightening them even more) that is all I am looking for.......I am not sure what else to do. I think I might go and approach some of the retail shops in town next week and just let them know I am available to help with the busy christmas season........and see what happens.

This weekend coming is going to be a busy one......well Sunday extended family - all the aunties, uncles and cousins get together for a family Christmas in Novemeber and this year it is on Nov 1st as everyone is so busy........very early to be thinking about Christmas I know.....but never mind, that is how it works out. It is also the Palmerston North WLS monthly support group meeting and I hate to miss them, so I might sneek away for an hour to go to that as is close, so It shouldn't be too much of a problem.

Oh here is a picture of the front of our house.......taken before we moved in, but gives you an idea.......and I will get aroudn to taking some more at some point soon.

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