Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pictures as promised

So I have taken a few shots of the house is just a small two bedroom place and as it was raining I didn't get any outdoor shots.....But I will, I promise!!!

Our Bedroom - with Riddick

Riddick on bed

Hallway (through to Kitchen) & Oscar


Kitchen & what should be dining but is our computer room

Dining room (is actually a conservatory)

Lounge - looking from doorway to telly

Lounge - looking from computer room

Porsche on the front porch


  1. wow the house looks great. Super cute, has tje animal's settled in well?

  2. Far out! Jaxx stole my EXACT WORDS! Pffffft.

  3. Oooh! It looks spacious! I so wish we had a dining room. ;) I love your comforter set!

  4. Looks great:-) How's the job going - looking forward to an update.