Thursday, October 22, 2009


I haven't posted as I have been not sure how to say what I needed to say. As many of you know I took a job late last week our at Ohakea Airbase doing cleaning of the officers mess. It was 3 days per week for 5 hours pers day. Well although I was looking forward to having some regular income it was probablynot the top choice for employment, but hey in this climate you can't be picky right.

Anyway, on Sunday I actually got quite ill and had quite a major flareup of my illness. Headed to the Dr's on Monday and thankfully saw my normal GP- it was his last day as he is going back to just being an Emergency Dept Dr. He ordered some blood tests and yes htey were considerably higher than normal. Si came with me which was actually a surprise as I thought he had gone to work, which he had, but he came back to go to the appt with me as he was not sure I would ask the dr about see Si had concerns about me taking such a physical job when I am not well.

The upshot of the conversation with the Dr was that he thought I was "bonkers" to even try such a physically demanding job and that he would really only be happy with me doing some sort of admin role. So I had to let that job boss was really understanding about the situation and even said that if he has any admin work he will let me know.

So yesterday, I started training with the alarm monitoring for Armourguard security, which was brilliant and I enjoyed it....I did 4 hours yesterday and I have 6 today and friday with another 4 on Saturday. Once that is done I will be on call/casual and after talking with some of the staff yesterday it does mean that it will be quite I do need to find another part time role somehow..........will definately go around some of the retail outlets in my home town and offer my services for the busy lead up to Christmas.

Oh - one of the brilliant things about not working.........I can finally catch up with a great online radio show that is hosted by Diva Taunia. It is a show designed for Weightloss Surgery Patients and I have gotten to know some of them through my you tube page......if you are ever around between 11am and midday on a Tuesday check it out. Just click on Diva Taunia on Blogtalk Radio and listen in.

Actually my you tube channel is very out of date at the moment and I have not done an update for so long....I keep recording them but not getting around to editing and posting them.......shocking!!!


  1. Hi Janine, I've with three employment agencies, one I've found really good with contacting me etc., still not a lot out there though. fingers crossed for you and I do think it was the best decision not to take on the Ohakea job.

  2. Ooops typo - should have read - I've registered with.....

  3. Glad you saw the Dr and he said what I must admit to thinking. I know there is no way in hell that I could do a demanding physical job again. Sometimes our minds expect more from our bodies than we are able to give. I do hope that something easier comes along fast for you though. :)
    Enjoy the long weekend :)