Monday, February 1, 2010

Another Specialist

Off this morning to see the Rheumatoid Specialist at Palmerston North hospital and the timing probably could not have been better. I have had a pretty rough weekend, and although last week has gone really well with not drinking with my meals and upping my water intake I am still hovering around 106 kgs. This morning it was 105.9 but then 10 mins later 106.5.......maybe my scales need to be looked at!!!

So this weekend, I have been for some reason really really tired. Yes I still mowed the lawns and got all the washing done etc, but just simple things around the house made me really tired and I had to have nana naps both days. I keep getting bad cramps in both my right hand and in both my legs. It can get so bad in my legs that I just can't move, but I know that I have to otherwise the pain is unbearable. My sacroilitis is also playing up, so as I said good timing for the specialist.

I really don't think all of this is related to me working full time though and I really don't want it to mean that I don't work. I am really looking to do 30 hours a week minimum to make to comfortable at the moment, especially as Si's parents house build starts today, so that means that we are on the countdown to having the house to ourselves......which means all the bills to ourselves as well.

Anyway, must run and get to the blood lab and to the hospital. Will update when I know what they have said.

UPDATE: Well not alot to say really - yes I have a very mild case of sacro-iliac pain but apparently nothing to worry about. He did say that I am hypermobile in some of my joints, which basically just means very flexible.....and I kinda already knew that as even at 177 kgs I was able to palm the floor from a standing position.

It seems that no one really wants to take ownership of the rashes that I get or the cramping........which are both annoying. Actually this Dr said ' us medical types haven't quite figured out cramping yet.....' hmmmmm does that give you faith in him????????

Oh well, back to my regular specialist on the 10th March. Oh and I didn't do my bloods today as I was far too tired and grumpy after not being able to sleep last might go in the morning.


  1. I am sorry you are feeling so poorly BUT focus ont he HOUSE to yourselves that may cheer you up and jolly the time along.