Monday, February 15, 2010

What a sweetie....

I told you all yesterday that Simon & I didn't do Valentines day, however my lovely husband surprised me with dinner out lat night. He had made bookings at Valentines. I know that might seem like a dangerous place to go for someone who has had a gastric bypass but his thinking has always been that it has plenty of variety in protein and that as long as I enjoy the little I can eat then it has been worth every dollar spent.

We had a lovely meal and I did have a little in the way of carbs, but not as much as I thought I would as non of it really looked appealing.......apart from the brandy snap that I had for dessert....LOL.

So then we came home and checked the movie schedule at the local cinema, as it has been such a long time since we went to the movies, and Si LOVES movies. So we went to see Percy Jackson and the lightening thief. It is a kiddish movie I guess but very very good. Si mentioned on the way home that my nephew in Christchurch is going to love it if he hasn't already seen it, as it is based on some of the Greek mythology.

While at the movies I did allow myself to have some popcorn, but limited the amount I had and both Si and I still ended up with sore tums last night and this morning. Not sure if was something at Valentines or the popcorn.

So, did those carbs have a negative effect on my weight loss doesn't appear so. Since last Monday morning I have lost 2.5 kgs, so I am now sitting at 102.1 kgs, which I am really happy about as it is back to just under 75 kgs lost. Now to get under the magic 99.9 kgs mark and stay there.

Today is the first day of my new schedule for work and I am changing things around foodwise a bit. I am going to get up at the same time as I always have so I stay in a similar bedtime routine to Si. I will have breakfast around 8am and then before leaving to go to work I will have some cheese/hummus and crackers to see me through till lunchtime, which for me will be around 3pm. I will continue to salad then with some sort of it will be Moroccan Lamb.
Then when I get home just after 8pm I will have whatever the family had. Once it is just back to Simon & myself we will eat together, but at the moment I don't expect others to wait for me.

Anyway, must get on with the day and get in the shower and get ready to take the dog to the vet.....she has been extremely itchy since we last gave her a bath and she has got some sort of infection/rash on her right shoulder blade, which is weird as she can't reach it to lick at it, or to scratch at it and we have not seen her rub up against off to the vets. .....expensive week this week!!!


  1. That was a nice thought to go for dinner... And food wise you sound like you have meals all sorted, as for animals LIKE CHILDREN there are never ending costs when you least expect it!

  2. Awwww how lovely glad you had an awesome day :-)

  3. I doubt your sore tummy was from popcorn! We have stopped going to Valentines because we are constantly disappointed with the food selection and quality. It was nice of your hubby to take you out to dinner/movies though.

  4. Yay for a 2.5kg loss girl - way to go! Hope the fur baby is OK :)