Friday, February 5, 2010

Low Carb???

I know that a few people have been talking about low carb or even no carb diets helping in reducing weight and generally having better health and I have just this week gotten a newsletter from my surgeon reiterating the benefits of the low carb/no carb lifestyle for post gastric bypass patients.

It is something that I definately have let back into my diet in quite a big way considering how much I can eat so I have to do something about that. If I look back as to when my weightloss pretty much came to a crashing halt, it was right when I discovered I could eat bread and pasta and rice etc again, and that I did not have a huge dumping session on sugar..........could this be why I am still sitting at 106 kgs (coupled with the steroids)???? Well only one way to find out.

I have also been super impressed with how Lynda is doing with her low carb lifestyle change and how her IBS symptoms have all but gone away. SO, we talked about it as a family and starting Monday we will be adopting the low carb/no carb approach and although I know that I have to make this a permanent change, the others in the family are going to give it two weeks to see how they feel and if they will continue.

I have cut the section out from the newsletter and added it as a picture, to read it, just click on it to make it bigger.

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