Monday, February 8, 2010

Day 1 of being back on track.

Weighed in this morning at 104.6 kgs which is down on what it has been, but also have just finished TOM, so was not surprised. We went shopping last night and stocked up on great healthy whole food, and yes I will be going low carb and for the first couple of weeks I would say virtually no carb and then I will re-introduce whole foods back into the diet but only say max a couple of times a week and see how I respond.

I spent Saturday morning and into the afternoon trawling through WLS websites that have recipes, and I have made my own recipe book of about 100 recipes that we will use as the base to our meals and then add sides such as veges or salads. As we use them I will post them on here especially if they are scrummy.

So today, what's on the menu.

Breakfast: - Well, to start it is a protein shake, which I make with vanilla yoghurt and milk, as well as the protein powder, so it is definitely protein packed.

Lunch - today we are having a shared lunch at work, but I have packed a salad and tuna for the if there is nothing I can eat situation, which is what I think will happen.

Dinner - is a meatloaf from one of the recipes I gathered over the weekend, with I think salad.

If I do get hungry in between meals then I bought some ryvita wholegrain crackers and I will have cottage cheese on them. But for this week, I would prefer not to have them.

Let's see how I do.....oh and where are the comments guys....I see the numbers ticking over but no comments.


  1. Lots of people having new starts at the moment - hope yours goes well.

  2. 100 recipes thats like 3 months worth I LOVE MEATLOAF yum!!!

  3. Hey You!
    I've also got through my first day of cutting back on carbs.
    Breakfast - 1 egg

    Morning tea - Protein Shake

    Lunch - Chicken and Salad with a bit of advcado and a 25 min walk

    Late AFternoon tea before heading to the gym - Protein Shake

    Dinner - 1 egg with a teaspoon of feta hummus through it and 2 cruskits with cream cheese on them. A little carb with the cruskits but hopefully that will be ok.

    I have managed to drink a few glasses of water and am sipping on a water with a little lemon added to it now. And I've only had one coffee and no wine.
    So Janine - thanks for you inspiration - heres to a good nite sleep and day 2. Yehaa, bring it on aye! Annie