Sunday, February 21, 2010


I got tagged by Miss A:, and I am probably a bit late to do the onwards tag......but will try. So thank you Miss A.

The Rules:

Thank the person who nominated you for this award.- done

Copy the award and place it in your blog.- done

Link the person who nominated you for this award.- done

Tell us 7 interesting things about you.- oh - the hard part....

Nominate 7 bloggers. - Ummm, well many as I can think of....that haven't been nominated.

Post the links to the 7 bloggers you nominate.- some are private blogs so out of respect to them, I will not link those ones.

So here goes....

1. I used to do Highland dancing as a child, and bagpipes still make my feet want to dance.....

2. I count the steps of stairways in my head as I walk them.....but only up to 13, then I start over from 1.

3. Although people say I am confident and outgoing, I think I am very insecure and shy. The talking is just a cover.

4.I don't have a go to girl......actually I don't have a best friend, and I wonder why?

5. Most of the scars I have from accidents are from coming off my why have I bought a scooter?

6.As I get older I feel like I become more useless at everything I do......nothing seems as easy as what it did when I was 18.

7.I want to me a mummy - but have a huge fear that I will somehow screw that up.

Hmm, well, looking back over that I think I might have some issues to work through....sorry that ended up being such a negative list, but honestly is how I am feeling about now. I am a bit down about my low carb thing this week, have been so good with it, exactly the same as last week, but my weight is up by 300 gms......I know that because my hours have changed I am eating later for all meals and maybe my body is just getting used to that, but man it is frustrating.

Now to the bloggers who get the award:

Anne - Private
Chris H
Jenny - Private

OH - and if you are still here - can ya post a comment to tell me what you think of the new look!!!!!!!!!!


  1. OMFG!!! Seriously, excepting No 5, this could have been my list! I even did Highland Dancing!!! Crazy! And I sit and wonder what is going wrong - 5 years ago I had a healthy social life, and people thought I was so confident and now, I really don't have anyone to ring and have coffee with or anything....o.k, this is turning into an essay....sorry!

  2. Silly billy Janine - of course you should not eat as many points as me or as much fat etc... you have to eat differently due to your operation! Do what your nutritionist tells you :)

  3. Love the new look, and will make more effort on commenting!!! And who needs a go to girl, when you have one awesome husband!!! And a sister!!! x x x x

  4. Sweet comment from Roz:-)

    I do have the go to girl - a couple of them but they don't live locally.

    Interesting list and I will do one, had already been tagged.

  5. I love the new design.

    I think you should redo the list with 7 positive things :-)

  6. thank you for the award! I've been given it twice this week... must post it on my blog soon. I would find it hard to list 7 interesting things about myself right now... which is sad.
    I am sure your weight will shift downwards again mate, just keep trying.

  7. Getting a bit flash Janine!!!!!!. So hows Palmy going????? I'll have to watch out for the yellow scooter around Palmy. Mason Elliott has been relief teaching at Glen Oroua school for the past few days, but I dont think he'd remember me. Looks a little difference with a beard - not so high school!!!- Take care Jolene

  8. love the new look site and some of your list could have been just me to a tee even number 5 but I havnt got a scooter heheh well there is one in the garage but it is on the 'round2it'list for partner to fix more and more go on the list weekly now it the lawn mower too oh joy and I thought renting would make the list shorter hehehe

    have a great weekend