Monday, March 1, 2010

1st March

Wow- already two months down......that is quite amazing. Well I had a fabulous weekend, and still recovering from it and I forgot to take my camera so I didn't get any shots or shoot any video for my you tube page.

So here's what happened!!!! Friday night was nothing special, apart from I made pizza!!! Yes low carb pizza, made from Oopsie Rolls.......they are amazing things and I was not sure that it would work, especially as our oven is so temperamental and usually is hotter than it says......anyway they came out fine, although not quite as crispy as i thought, but still got the feeling that I had pizza, but without the carbs....

My eating after that went completely downhill as I headed to Wellington for a girls night out with Tania at her cousins bar watching "Bodyheat Australia". It certainly turned out to be a very interesting night. Anyway, I caught up with a friend who had her surgery the day after me and we got a bite to eat at a local bar before the show. I made good choices there but no where

So the show itself was pretty useless, but it was fun watching other very drunk i might add, women throw themselves at these not very good looking , very short Australian men!!!!
There were several people from my old workplace there so it was nice to catch up with them, and one of them missed the train back to Wellington and since I was the sober driver and always take care of my friends we piled him into the car (yes him- he came along too and I paid for him to get a lap dance from the boys.......which he was thrilled to bits with, but the one he thought was cute only sat on his knee for about 15 seconds....)

So here we are at 3am in the morning coming back from town and decided to get some Mc'D's for my passengers......and it took 40 mins to get through the drive-thru....we really felt sorry for the guy in front of us who was in a taxi!!!!!! That had to be the most expensive combo ever!!!

So home to Tarnz and then me and Tamsin, her niece spent till about 4:30 am gas, what a weekend!!! Still made bad choices food wise, and that coupled with TOM my weight is up to 103.4 kgs.......oops, oh well, back to low carb today, and just chip away at it. Si is doing well, he has lost 7 kgs in about 4 weeks, and is for the most part feeling better for it, although had an upset tummy this morning.

As I said, can't believe it is March already......must buy some firewood in preparation for winter.


  1. Glad you had an awesome weekend away and what the hell are Oopsie Rolls.......

  2. Sorry to have missed you while you were down. I was busy playing camp mother at the band camp and then we had the brass band concerts on Sunday. Paulie really enjoyed meeting you. :-)
    I've been busy and tired lately so making wrong food choices which of course make me more tired. LOL - I know I'm a silly girl and never learn. I'm out the next two nights but told myself that's life and I need to learn to make good choices. So apart from that first week, i've slid again so stayed the same again. Bah hum bug. Here's to us both getting down to the next goal. Take care buddy. Talk soon. Annie

  3. Glad you had a great weekend away. I can't believe it's March either. I finally updated and did your bloggers award. Thanks for nominating me Janine.

  4. hey girl yeah the year is whizzing by fast.

  5. Oopsie rolls - you will have to explain what they are??