Monday, March 29, 2010

Where I am at.....

Well I don't seem to be at a really good space at the moment, I have been really slack with watching my carbs and the weight has crept back up to around 104 kgs....this morning it was 103.9 kgs, although this past week I have had some health issues.

I also have some other issues going on, which I don't really want to talk about here, so I have started another blog for my own private thoughts - ones that I do no censor as much and it will be a place where I can just let it hang out so to speak and not wonder who the sometimes 100 hits per day are coming from. If you want to be part of my thought processes and if you think that you might be able to offer some constructive and positive advise then send me and email to for an invite to the private blog.

The organising for the National Meet & Greet for WLS patients, supporters or those interested in having the surgery is going fantastically.

Highlights of the program so far -
- Pre-Surgery information from different surgeons covering different surgeries.
- Dealing with the Head & Heart Stuff - we have a therapist on board as well as a psychiatrist who himself has had WLS
- Getting the food right - a segment on post op food ideas and ways to make the most of our tool.
- LISA O'NEILL from Good Morning is also very excited to be able to provide a 2 hour session on how to look good through the different phases of losing and also finding your style post op. We are hoping that one of the local stores will also allow us and exclusive shopping hour on the Sunday morning so we can shop in piece & quiet....but that will depend on how many are interested and if the shop thinks it will be worthwhile....still working on this.
- A WLS friendly lunch
- Vendor stands - from Supplements companies, home gym gear, support clothing, plastic surgeon, medical finance company, protein powder companies, gym memberships, sports shoe providers. - All hopefully offering conference specials or discounts.
- Information stands - such as the Real women's Du-athlon and the Special K Tri series. Things that are not for profit goal related ideas that we want to be able to try when we get to goal and get healthy.
- A Clothing swap/sale
- Giveaways and prizes from WLS supportive companies from both here in NZ and overseas.
- Testimonies from people who are at different stages of the journey who may or may not have had it plain sailing
- Dinner & Dancing

That's it from me so far....back ontrack with the lower carbs......not ruling them out all together, just being a little bit more sensible than I have been this past couple of weeks. I see my surgeon and his team again in 6 weeks and I want to make sure I am in the best place I can be, both health wise and head wise.


  1. Sorry to hear all is not going well...... and like you my food has been bloody slack. Take care xx

  2. I'm here :) And I do still read.... but without a computer at home it is bloody hard :( I can't place comments at work, cos I read through Google reader, and blogger is blocked.... except on this computer which I have snuck on to - just to comment and say HI!!! Hope the IT Nazi's don't catch me! hehehe... Anyway, the WLS Surgery thing sounds great - I have been reading your updates, but don't have anything to contribute, I suck at that type of stuff! And try not to worry about the number on the scale... look at how far you have come! It's AMAZING!!! *hugs*

  3. I'm still around but having been so busy in Oz I haven't really caught up with my own head yet!!! LOL Thinking of you and hope all goes well for the conference :)

  4. Sorry that you arent feeling chipper, YOU have made wonderful progress towards the meet and greet, and I am sure that alot of others WILL really appreciate the effort you are putting in.

  5. I posted this over on CHRIS H blog and thought I would post it here too: for you and or your meet and greet people for INSPIRING QUOTES....

    When your scale disappoints, remember this:

    Are your healthy-eating and exercise habits helping you reach important goals in your life—such as having more energy and strength to play with your kids or grandchildren, having more confidence, taking charge of your health, or even getting ready for a charity walk? Write down your goals—and see how your new habits are helping you attain them.

    When you're feeling frustrated about slow weight loss, an unsolicited compliment from a family member can be a welcome reality check. "Hey Mom, how much weight have you lost—you look great!" Don't brush off the admiration. You've earned it. Now bask!

    Imagine what could happen if you let a mere number of the scale prompt you to quit working toward a healthier lifestyle. You'll not only stop losing weight—you'll also find yourself back on a path that leads to cravings, weight gain, low energy, frustration, and bigger threats to your health.

  6. IM a noddy I forgot the FIRST part of the quote!!!

    Can the Scale Lie? Sometimes that Number Isn't the Whole Truth

    Your scale can't measure how great you feel, how much healthier your body is, or even how much trimmer you really are—and yet most of us base our opinion--and feelings--about our weight-loss success almost exclusively on that one little number.

  7. Hey there! I'm sorry you're not in a great place at the moment. I know the WLS Meet N Greet will get your head back in the game, so look forward to that, but don't stress too much about it!

    Send me an invite to your blog...

    Hugs! :)

  8. That programme looks fantastic Janine, really interesting well done! Melissa