Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Burn Baby Burn

No, I am not talking about a "disco inferno" I am talking about the muscles that I made move yesterday!!! I did my curves workout yesterday with 'Curves Smart' and it was fantastic!!!!!!! I improved on all 13 machines, which means that I achieved or exceeded what was set for me, so they move the stake in the ground and make it that little harder to do. It was brilliant, I was sweating and definitely had the heart rate up there. I obviously stretched well as nothing is as sore as I was expecting today, but I will still take my day's rest and let my muscles recover, but now I am really looking forward to Wednesday morning when I can do it all over.

The weekend went well, really went by in a blur as I work Saturday mornings so it always feels like I am trying to cram all our family/relaxation time into one day. Saturday night we got a couple of action movies out on DVD and was disappointed with both of them, so much so we didn't finish them and took them back and got a kid-ult movie instead (all generations friendly). On Sunday I decided Si and I needed a treat and we went to the morning screening of Alice in Wonderland. I had heard mixed reviews and was not 100% sure I would like it. But overall I did, and as it is directed by Tim Burton I was expecting it to be a lot darker than it is.

After that we had our weight loss surgery support group meeting and although it was small it was a powerful little meeting. We had a new person who is struggling and we offered some advise and we think have pointed her into the right direction to get some professional help locally. We also talked a heap about recipes as I took the 110 recipes that I had researched and printed out and I took a bunch of post it notes so people could write down if they wanted me to email them with copies.

Three of us stayed back and talked for the need to have a longer meeting or a social meeting where we really get to know each other, and the idea of having an overnight trip or something sounded like a plan. I raised the idea of the Womens Weekend that Jo has mentioned but it is not quite what we were thinking of. But then we also thought having a national "meet and greet" would be fantastic, and I think that we have a good team to organize it. Although not sure how many people would like to come to Palmerston North.

I was thinking that we could actually make it an almsot 3 day thing, so Friday night registrations, and set up and Saturday have the event, with clothing swap and maybe talks from the surgeons/dietitians and maybe evena cooking demonstration of some great ideas for post op eating. We could also get companies like supplements people and the protein shakes to be able to have stands so we could get great specials and be able to try their products. Just a thought.

Oh - I got my blood test results back and Zola (the nutritionist) is very happy with where things are at, and I have made an appointment to have a follow up with David in Wellington on May 7th. So If anyone wants to catch up I will be staying in Wellington on the night of the 7th.


  1. Hi there! I need to find a good support group around me.
    You're doing great at Curves! It's always nice to see and feel the improvements! Wahoo!!:)

  2. well done at curves and the meeting will happen with great organisising already by you it will happen.

  3. Whoohoo with curves and great about the blood tests being fine :-)