Friday, March 12, 2010

Funky Friday.....

First things, I am really excited over a couple of developments this week.....the first being that I have been to Curves 3 times this week and had forward progression on the machines each time. So that means that I am getting stronger and working my muscles more each time. I was a bit worried about being on steroids and doing this program, but the specialist has said it will be fine as the dose I am on is low. Anyway, that is the first thing I am excited about.

The second is this National WLS Meet & Greet that I am hoping to get off the ground in November this year. It has been raised before and no one has done anything about it, well I am going to........I have already spoken to a few companies who are considering lending their support and I know that I will be able to get some speakers etc organised. It is a bit of a mission but I am sure that we could pull off an event that will be beneficial to both pre op and post op people regardless of what surgery or what surgeon they have had or are considering. So my question to you guys is if you were to go to an event and were either considering having Weight Loss Surgery or had already undergone WLS, what things would you want to see/do/hear about at the event? Is it just about meeting other people? Is it trying out new and exciting products that are WLS friendly? Give me some ideas please.

The other interesting development this week for me was my visit to my liver specialist. Although I mentioned last week that my nutritionist was really happy with my blood test results, I didn;t mention that my liver function test results were heading in the wrong direction even with the medication that I am on......(as I remember to take today's dose). I was thinking that he might increase my steroid again as since we took it down it has been going in the wrong direction, however he has decided to double the dose of my immune suppressant and leave the steroid at the lower it will be interesting to see how things go. He said that even if he can get my liver results to a normal level it will be likely that I will be on these drugs for at least another 2 years.

We are going to have the house to ourselves for a couple of weeks.....well sort of. My Dad and his wife Val are going away for 2 weeks and Si's parents are going over to Dad's to house sit and look after the pets. They will be popping back to our house almost daily as they continue to work on the construction of their house, but we will have the evenings to ourselves.......will be weird after all this time.

Weight is sitting stable at around 102kgs, Had the odd carb creep in when I have not planned well, but still overall am not missing them. In fact when we have had carbs we both feel bloated and yucky afterwards. The specialist was happy that my weight had come back down and he said that the steroids would definitely still be having an effect on my weightloss.....I must just remember not to use that as an excuse to eat crap and not to exercise.


  1. Hello there! It's great that you're getting a meeting put together.
    Some things I always like are new recipes.. hearing from a plastic surgeon as a guest speaker is always informative. A nutritionist is also a plus!
    I think the social aspect is most important.. to me at least. I'd always try to get at least one speaker just so the topics keep going! :)

  2. I hope you enjoy the few days on your own.

  3. Nutritionist, image consultant, counsellors? Maybe some hospital people too..

  4. Thank you so much for the phone call much appreciated.