Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Loving it

I am absolutely loving this getting back on track and having low carbs...I am really enjoying the taste of the fresh whole foods that I am eating and not stressing about my weight at all. The scales look to be being kind and Si is losing as well, so it is great.

I should have my new hours confirmed sometime this week and it is most likely that I will be working afternoons/evenings and a Saturday morning. I am not sure how many hours I will have or what the exact hours will be, but I am happy with that as it means that I can go back to curves and get my fitness up as well.

Ultimately I would like to try to do the Couch 2 5KM program, and hopefully with continued losses on the scales I will be in a better position to start running but for now, it means more gym and walking Porsche, and it will be great to have some time during the day to do that.

I am enjoying only being 5 mins from work (driving) and although we haven't gone out and done much when we are more financially free we will do that more often.


  1. Good on you - it seems such a shame to go to all the risk etc of surgery and then blow it by eating sugar and carbs! I hope Si manages to continue too. Stu says it is a lifestyle thing now not to eat lots of carbs and I know it will pay off in the long term.

  2. well it all sounds positive thats for sure.

  3. Am glad things are all going well for you, have an awesome weekend :-)

  4. Hi Janine - I am almost at the end of my third week in the C25K, I am enjoying it and it's definitely achievable I think. Melissa