Thursday, April 29, 2010

Day 4 - Back to Basics

Well day 4 is here and for some reason feels the hardest.....I had a peek at the scales this morning and they are right where they started......which is really frustrating, although I know i have had a couple of minor slip ups, I still thought the scales would show a loss........bummed about that.

Another rest day from the gym today - although I am enjoying being there, I can tell that the muscles do need that recovery day!!!!

Oh - I must wave out to Sue......thanks for the comment Sue.....was nice to see one from you.

Miss A - there is heaps of time till the Meet & Greet in November.........heaps of time to save to come over from Aussie!!!!!!!! Would love to meet you!!!!!! You could drag Candid Bandit with you as well!!!!!

Work, my last evening shift for the week, so back to eating a proper evening meal for 3 nights instead of something lite or a shake.....I think we are going out on Friday night to the Eagles Tribute Band at the local RSA.


  1. I am trying to take the focus away from the scales they juts do your head in. I weigh twice a week at the most now which is bloody good for me lol....

  2. Sounds good to me - and the flights are cheap too! That would be so exciting!

  3. I blew it yesterday too... We had a birthday party with pizza and cake, and it was birthday day at work where we celebrated all April birthdays.. and I had ice cream! I need to make sure I work it off today! :)

  4. don't get discouraged Janine. You will be making muscle now with the gym workout. i stayed the same for ages but was losing cms with the gym workouts. Keep up the good work. Annie

  5. I agre with the others put the scales in the back of cupboard and forget about them for a while.

    Hope u get to the Eagles thing tonight sounds like it would be a gret night.