Monday, April 26, 2010

10 Day Back to Basic Blitz............Day 1

Yup - I am on a mission to get back to the basics and get this weight under control again.......this morning I was sitting at.......

105 kgs

Which of course I was not happy about!!!!!! I see my surgeon in 11 days, so I am hoping to be back down to the 101 or under mark by then.....what is 4 kgs over 10 days when you are on track and doing it right? I think it will be easy for the first 4 days as I am at work, but come Friday and the weekend I think it will be a whole heap harder.

I am not being as strict as I a usually am, although I am going to have 2 protein shakes in a day and only 1 full meal. I will allow myself to have some fruit- mainly because we have so many feijoas at the moment.......LOL, the tree is fully laden and we must have about 100 to eat already.......luckily we all like them!!! And of course I will still have cheese and crackers as a snack if I need to. BUT is relatively low carb again.

So I will be updating daily to keep on track - will be really boring entries, but hell who cares right, if it works to keep me on track then all good.....


  1. Hoping it all goes well for you. One day at a time :) Take care :)

  2. Good to see you back :) we're all here supporting and encouraging you...


  3. You know where I am..... you can do this :-)

  4. You will do great!! I'm the opposite.. my tough time is during the work day... evenings and weekends I don't have as hard of a time snacking. The life of a stress eater!! lol