Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 2 - Back to Basics Blitz....

Well yesterday was a little harder than I thought it would be as we were in training all day and they have snacks available to graze on all day......I did take my own however....sugar free lollies and cashew nuts for a sav snack.

The hardest part was actually when I got home and instead of my protein shake I saw that I still had some salami left over from my weekend treat sandwiches.....so i made a sandwich, but I couldn't finish it as I felt so full. But that is when I sneaked in 3 gingernut biscuits with my cup of tea!!!!! OOPS

So, today should be better as for the first part of the day we are on the phones as normal, which makes the day go heaps faster....and today I will not forget to take my water bottle.....so hopefully i can get through more liquid..... guess that means I will be heading to the bathroom more.....oh well!!

Today is an in between day for the gym, I only go 3 days a week, so to give the muscles a chance to relax, although I was considering using Si's Mum's treadmill so I could do at least a 20 min walk....or I could just harness up the dog and take her for a real walk......although I have kinda left it a bit late for today........

Today's lunch (at 3:30 pm) will be salad and tuna, with capsicum, feta cheese and spring onion.....yum!!!! I have run out of radishs...I love those in a salad.

The WLS Meet & Greet is coming together, just waiting now to hear back from potential "sponsors" - although I am concerned that I am trying to fit too much into the event and some people will just want to catch up with others.......not sure!!!! I don't want to turn it into a giant infomercial.


  1. I went to the farmer's market this weekend and have PLENTY of radishes to give you! :) haha

  2. You sound busy as ever and the meet and greet is fulling up AND there may be people out there who just want to mooch around the services available will you advertise in the local paper or on the Radio? interesting advertorial or journalisitic story maybe in the paper on Whats new? or things happening in the area (so its free rather than having to pay for advertising).

  3. Had to laugh at the "real" walk thing lol.

  4. I didn't think I could have nuts after being banded!

    Wish I could make it over for the WLS meet!