Monday, April 12, 2010

Off the ground

Well things are coming together more and more for the National WLS Meet & Greet and it looks as though we are going to be having it on Nov 20th at one of the hotels in Palmerston North and it looks as though we have several vendors lined up to help out with some of the costs.

We are trying to keep it as low cost as possible to attendees and it looks as though we might be able to make it around $40 for the whole day including a WLS friendly lunch. The evening meal/entertainment we are thinking of the RSA or city club as they usually have a band which we would not have to pay for. hehe

I am enjoying this organising of this event although I do struggle with the written proposal side of it, and although I have firm commitments on the phone I need to get something out in writing and a website created for online registrations......and probably a bank account to receive the money. So much to think about.

Work is busy atm as I am learning more information and taking on more. This week I am on day shift again and go back to nights next week. The only positive to nights is that I have time in the mornings to do stuff for the organising, although i should probably commit to going back to the gym.

I am seeing my surgeon again in a couple of weeks, heading down to wellington and it will be interesting to see what he says with where I am at. He knows all about my Auto Immune condition and is aware of what drugs I am on etc.

Oh I have included my latest youtube video at the bottom here, as it shows my current hairstyle. I don't like the curls at all so I have decided that if I am going to keep it long I have to have it straight!!!!


  1. OMG!!! This could be the BEST thing! Maybe Some Aussies could pop over for a weekend or two : P

  2. Heck you are busy I cant unfortunately see the "NEW" hairdo it wont show on my computer? oh well.

  3. Janine you doctor's right, you are looking bloody good! I love your hair do very stylish!