Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 3 - Back to Basics Blitz!!!!

Day 3 and I am still chugging along......still had a couple of minor hiccups with food - not sure if it is the exercise or just the screwed up hours but I am finding I am really hungry between 2pm and 4pm.......I have my 'lunch' at 3:30 pm, so things are a little out of kilter........and I have not been having the second protein shake in the evening....just crackers and cheese.

OOps - i just realised I have not made my lunch today........looks like it will be cheese and crackers and work and definitely a protein shake tonight.......i could take some tuna for the crackers I guess.

Went to the gym this morning, hauled myself out of bed and there and as always felt better for it, although some of my muscle groups felt a little tired......really pleased I take a rest day in between. Anyway - off to work, running is my you tube post as well.....notice I straightened my hair again.....LOL, i like it so much better straight


  1. Great work with your blitz. Sorry - I do read but not really in comment mode at the moment. P.S. Just C & D going to Samoa