Thursday, October 4, 2007


Tomorrow at work we have a pot luck lunch. I was contemplating taking part by bringing in a salad, however I had a sneak peak at the scales and so far this week I have only lost 200 gms, so I decided that I am better off not doing the pot luck.

Also, I am going to weigh my protein again as I think it may have crept up a little. (amazing in such a short tiemspan how I can cram more meat into a meal)

The only other difference to last week was, apart from being sick, I drank decaf tea at home whereas at work I have normal. Luckily for me our admin lady loves me and she is buying in some decaf, so that will be good.

I am so trying not to let this bum me out cos I know that I always have a good week, then a bad week then a good week etc etc etc, and I cannot fall into the trap of letting a bad week affect me.

OH, today when I had a peak at the scales, the women at Jenny Craig (where I weigh since I paid all the hundreds of dollars years ago) kept questioning me, and trying to get me back on program. In the end I just said, look I am not willing to discuss what program I am on, just that both my doctor (note I did not say surgeon)nutricionist & psychologist are aware of my program and are supporting me 100%. They seemed happy enough with that......until about 30 mins later when I get a phone call checking all is okay with me from the centre manager. Oh well......I am still gonna weigh in there!


  1. Hey there

    You are doing awesome girl. Keep it up in the weekend. You will probably be presently surprised when you weigh on Monday.
    Funny about JC etc... they want ya money.... lol......

  2. Oh I just thought of something else to say ....... just imagine how cool it's going to be later done the track to keep weighing in at JC when they see the weight falling off you. lol!!!!

  3. You're doing well Janine... keep it up regardless of what the scales say... you have an awesome goal to aim for...

    take care...