Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Finding things a bit tough going.

Been finding things a bit harder since Friday.....but I have been a bit stressed out.

I got home from work on Friday and it was all go about 5 mins after I got there......the cat suddenly gave this deafening,a nd most horrible meow. She was having some sort of seizure/stroke and i was convinced that she was going to drop dead.

Got her to the vet and nothing seemed wrong........yes she is a bit wobbly on her legs, but the vet could not pinpoint anything specifically wrong. They had suggested blood tests that might not given them any idea due to the influence of the episode....but as the cat is 17 years old, and that they would cost approx $200 which I don't have I thought I would just tae her home and monitor her.

She was pretty shakey over the weekend but managed to come right this morning...yelling at me for food and no where near as unstable on her back legs....she even jumped up on the bed at 6 am to wake me up.

Weigh in on monday was okay......I lost 1.4 kgs taking me to 7 kgs lost in 2 weeks, but I can't help but feel a little dissappointed as I was expecting a little more.
I am also struggling with why I have to lsoe so much when others I know of who are simalar weights/age/height etc are only have to lose say 60% of what I am.

I spoke to the nutrictionist about it and she gave me some excuses about why it is so........but when I said it feels like it is a figure just plucked out the thin air, she actually admitted that it is a little bit of that.

On the positive though, I also asked her about my blood tests that I had done whilst I was up there, and she said I was a freak of Nature....she said my bloods were absolutley perfect and no problems at all.......so that is cool.

She also said that I should go ahead and book my flights for the surgery as withteh way I am going I should get very close to my goal...if not hit it......and she said that even if I got to say 14 kgs lost, David would not turn me away, especially in light of my great blood work.

Oh the other thing that was damn frustrating last night, was that Si was outside when some kids were going from house to house selling chocolate. He thought I had not seen them so he bought a bar and hid it. Then when he came into the kitchen I casually asked him how many bars he had bought, and he admitted he had bought one........I said "I see" and walked into the computer room. He told me about 10 mins later that he had thrown it away.......although I kinda think that he ate it. He finally got it through his head that it was not very supportive.


  1. to lose 1.4 kilos is fantastic.. and if it wasn't for the fact you are aiming for a specific amount to lose in a certain number of weeks I'm sure you would be more thrilled at that loss too.. :)

    I know it's disappointing for you because of that.. BUT.. IT'S A 1.4 KILO LOSS STILL and that is fantastic :) well done...


  2. 1.4 Kilos is an awesome loss..... but can understand how you are feeling. Glad all the bloods came back well. :)

  3. 7kgs in two weeks in fantastic! Well done girl! You'll be where you need to be in no time! :)