Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Well I am 12.5% of the way there

Yep, 1 week down - 7 to go, so 12.5% of the way there already.

The week was really hard with being sick, and now that I am back at work, it feels even tougher as I can't go and have a nana nap when I get hungry. Workmates are being really great, very supportive and doing things like moving the cookie tin tot he cupboard before I get to morning tea so I don't have the temptation.

Weekend was pretty quiet, still recovering from the cold. I really wanted to go to bar Bodega on Saturday night as they had a country rock night there and it would have been cool, but I didn't not feel up to it at all.

I did however manage to go to the WLS support group, which was at the Tasting Room on Courteney place and I got to meet Annie which was fantastic. We have spoken on the phone so much and we are sharing so much of this journey together as we have the same surgery date in Hamilton so it was great to put the name to the face, and I can't wait to be walking the hallways of Southern Cross with her.

Also met another lady from Wellington who is having her surgery in 2 weeks, so it is brilliant that there is a group of us who will be having shared experiences.

I haven't managed to get in any exercise yet, have not really had the energy. I still had to have a nana nap when I got home yesterday and I felt much better afterwards.

I had my weigh in yesterday, and I was a bit worried that I would not lose as much as I had hoped. I was really hoping for at least 4kgs to be on track for losing the 17 kgs in time for the surgery. I Shouldn't have worried....I lost 5.6 kgs, so I am nicely on target to lose enough for the surgery.


  1. Fantastic loss!! You'll breeze the 17kg.... and then some!! :)

  2. Great loss! You will be there in no time! And hope you are feeling better real soon.

  3. Awesome loss Janine. Keep up the great work. *blush* at the nice comment. It was geat meeting you as well on Sunday. It's great to be able to share this journey together. I'm sure we are going to have millions of laughs (maybe some tears, not many though) along this path together. Speak soon buddy. :-)