Tuesday, October 16, 2007

God I'm a Slack Tart

For not updating.

Last week was pretty full on but for what reason's I cannae remember.

I actually had a really good week last week, although TOM arrived this Monday and explains why I just had to have a couple of pieces of bread on Sunday. (shush though cos Simon doesn't know)

I took the dog for one walk last week on the only fine day, and we went to the local park. It was not very fun after we walked in the not mown grass, and she got excited about seeing another dog....and she pulled me over.........now the reason why the grass wasn't mown was that it was more like a swimming pool than a field. I was soaked.

I weighed in at Jenny yesterday, and I lost another 1.3 kgs, which I was really happy about, especially as TOM is here and my bread indiscretion. I actually have to thank Anne for her comments on my last entry, as she made me realise that yes if it weren't for the time pressures I would be damn happy with the losses that I am having. How many other times have I been able to lose 8.3 kgs in 3 weeks!!!!!

Anywho......back to the boring stuff



  1. Fantastic loss there - you are doing awesome :)

  2. Fabulous loss girl! You're doing great!!!

  3. :) you're doing so great .... and another loss too.. well done :)

  4. everything ok hon?.. miss your updates.. hope you're well and just having too much fun to come on here and update .... :)