Monday, December 10, 2007

3 weeks down

Well I really don't know how to describe the last couple of weeks. They have certainly been highs & lows, and I am not sure how to explain it all.

My weight now is 154.2 kgs as of about ten mins ago, so in the last 3 weeks I have 9.3 kgs. I lost 7.5 after the first 2 weeks, so i guess that makes this weeks loss of around 1.8kgs.

I am fully expecting the typical week 3 plateau that most people seem to get, although as I have gone a little backwards with my eating I am not so sure of that.

Anyway, promise I will update more, although this last week I am not sure you would want to read it, or I would ever want to look back at it.

It is in some ways much harder than I thought, and it is actually a chore for me to eat,which mucks with your mind more than your stomach. I am slowly getting my head around it all though, and as mentioned will update more.


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