Thursday, July 31, 2008

A - Z - of me...thanks for the idea guys

A - Age: 35 – Almost 36

B - Bed size: Queen size, although next time I think it will be a King

C - Chores I hate: Folding laundry – always end up with huge piles

D - Dessert I love: Hmm, cheesecake, chocolate mudcake

E - Essential start to my day item: Alarm clock, radio on during the morning drive

F - Favourite actor(s): There are far too many to mention. I really like the guy Mathew Rhys from Brothers & Sisters atm.

G - Gold or Silver: White Gold

H - Height: 5 ft 9 inchs

I - Instruments I play: I dabbled in the saxophone when I was younger but realistically not a musical bone in my body.

J - Job title: Tb Administrator

K - Kids: None, although am leaning towards wanting them more

L - Living arrangements: Simon & Myself, with Porsche (the dog) and Leeloo & Riddick (cats)

M - My full name is: Janine Maria,

N - Nicknames: Nine (Neen) & Dru (from my game WOW)

O - Overnight hospital stay: 1 Hernia repair in 2006, 1 Gastric Bypass surgery in 2007, and a couple of minor things in my late teens/early 20’s

P- Pet Peeve: People who jump to conclusions

Q - Favourite quote: Don’t really have one.

R - Right or left handed: Right handed

S - Siblings: 2 Adopted Brothers (whom I grew up with) 3 half sisters, 1 half brother, and numerous foster brothers ( who I can’t remember)

T - Time you woke up today: 6:30am

U - Unique habit: I count as I walk……especially if I walk up stairs.

V - Vegetable I hate: Brussels Sprouts (mini cabbages) Broad Beans, Eggplant

W - Wish for: A Lotto win, good health, strong friendships, a couple of nice motorcycles and then maybe kids

X - X-rays I’ve had: Wrist, Chest, Ankle.

Y - Yummy food I make: Lasagna, Macaroni Cheese, pretty much any Roast.

Z - Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius – although only just and take some of my traits from Scorpio

So did ya learn anything new?


  1. Hi have sent you an email to your yahoo account have 2 work emails here and not sure which one is correct re the blog :-)

  2. hey, I love this A-Z

    tell me how you set up a blog

    I go on and but have not been there much lately because of computer issues
    now wondering if I should blog as I have time on my hangs
    by the way, I have been reading all afternoon here and just had yogurt for lunch at 3 30 PM!
    oh, I am an insomniac at times so I woke up really late this morning when my mom called
    I play games on

    my exercize routine has flatlined call in the medics...