Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Oops - the highway came to an end

Well we went for a ride on Sunday – when we were supposed to have a storm. I was really keen to get out on the bike this weekend, well most weekends actually as I really like it. So we decided to go to Kimbolton to a local café for lunch, however as we were riding up there in the bitter cold, the bike started to play up.

Si had trouble starting it to come home and about 3 km from Kimbolton (which is about 20 mins from home) the bike completely stopped and Si could not restart it. This means we are stranded in the country with no cell phone, cos I forgot to take mine. Luckily for us a 16 year old boy racer (local) in his soupped up BMW stopped about 3 mins after we stopped and arranged for us to store the bike at the local farmers about 100 metres away from where we stopped and then he gave us a ride home – about 33 km.

When we got home I gave him some petrol money and I tell you, I was really impressed by this young guy’s attitude. It made me feel really old………like I was expecting “the youth of today” to be just like the stereotype………man, maybe I am just getting old.

So the bike has now been picked up by the bike shop and we are at odds as to if we spend much more money on it. We really like having a bike, but at what cost? Is it better for us to get out now, and just save a deposit for a couple of really good bikes ( one each of course) or so we just persevere with this one as it is going to be ages before we can afford the other option. We are both leaning towards keeping this one and doing some more work on it. Cos if we spend say another $500 bucks on it now it will hopefully last a couple more years.

Anyway, that was my first official run on the bike and we break down……something I will be able to tell future generations for a while yet.

Hey, I am really noticing now that people are commenting on my weightloss a lot more. Actually people who do not know that I have had the surgery saying, “My god, I didn’t recognize you, you have lost SO much weight.” It is kinda cool, although I have now stopped saying why I have or explaining it, I just say – “Thanks “ and smile sweetly.
I can tell sometimes people are dying to ask, but are scared to, incase I am sick with some terrible disease. But if they ask, I will tell them honestly.

Anyway, not feeling the best today, very nauseous, very cold, and apparently very pale. Don’t think it is anything to do with the op, just a bug maybe, or lack of sleep


  1. You couldn't have picked a worse day for the bike to break down. What a great young guy helping you out!

    Thought I would mention, none of our extended family know about my blog, so if you see any of them, can you not mention. I will do the same for you, if that's what you want, not sure how you feel:-)

    Great getting those compliments:-)

  2. Bummer about he bike breaking down after it was your first ride outta town! Hope it gets fixed without breaking the bank! Well done on to continued losses too.

  3. Heya!
    Funny bike story! Coulda been quite a mish for yah.
    Awesome to keep up with your news.
    Keep up the great work on the weight loss :)
    Do you go to welly much? Im there 14 - 17th August.Heya!
    Funny bike story! Coulda been quite a mish for yah.
    Awesome to keep up with your news.
    Keep up the great work on the weight loss :)
    Do you go to welly much? Im there 14 - 17th August. Fun. Fun.
    Hope you feel better soon!

  4. hmm....why did that double up - weird!

  5. Hi Janine, thought it was about time I come out of 'lurking' and say hello.
    I had a similar thing happen when I was stopped on the side of the road. A young guy pulled in behind me to check I was alright. He was only about 19 years old but I was so impressed that he would bother to pull over to assist what he probably saw as a middle aged overweight woman.
    I only had a flat tyre but he insisted on changing it for me and made the comment 'my father would clip me around the ears if I didn't help a lady', ooowwwww, your right, not all of the young people are disrespectful trouble makers there are TONS of great kids out there but unfortunately its the bad few who we all get to hear so much about.
    Hope your having a great weekend.
    Take care.