Friday, July 11, 2008

Oops - AFK again.

I am really really sorry for not posting. I kinda have a reasonably boring life which entails going to work coming home, cooking diinenr, and play World of Warcraft with my hubby. I really wish there was more to write about, but that it pretty much it in a nutshell.

Here is a pic of my latest toon on WOW. Her name is Faithhealer and she is my priest in the game. She has kinda been taking up most of my spare time. Some of you who read will know here personally (those who play WOW)and the rest of you will just have to understand that yes I am addicted to this game!!!!

Other stuff that has been happening. Well I had to go to the doctors for a check up last week and to get a blood test request done. I have been having dizzy spells and my blood pressure is up so we thought it was about time we did them. So I had those results back yesterday and they are all extremely normal. So that is brill!!

I didn't really like the doctor that much. He is my new GP and I was very lucky to be able to get in. There are over 100 families in the area who cannot get into a GP as they are overcrowded. He gave me a bit of a hard time about not exercising enough, but man it is really hard to do at this time of the year. (middle of winter). Thinking back on it , he didn't actually give me any praise for losing 60kgs!!

I haven't been back to line dancing yet, although I will go as the lady who runs it (my workmate's Mum) said she will take me for a special class for the first 1/2 hour so I can try and get what feels like 3 left feet to work. So hopefully I will enjoy that more. At the moment I have a sore toenail (yes I cut it too low & now it hurts) which is driving me nuts to even wear shoes, so I am not sure how I will go with dancing.

OH, I weighed in this morning (have been slack this week) and I have lost a total of 60.2 kgs. Sitting at 116.8 kgs atm. SO YAY ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, also had the pastor of the church we are going to come around on Tuesday which was nice to get to know her more and for her to hear our story. It was interesting, when she found out I was adopted she automatically assumed that I have rejection issues, which I find really funny as I have never once felt bad about my adoption. In fact I am really proud of it.

I am going to do a course called Women to Women, which is run by someone from the church. Apparently it provides healing, insight and strategies for change. It will be interesting to see how it goes.

Anyway - had better get some work done. Thank goodness it is Friday and that I actually do have some stuff happening over the weekend, which I am not going to tell you about (Will save it for another entry so my blog isn't boring)



  1. Yayyyy, you indeed!!That's an awesome acheivement!!

    I also have all left feet, but I've found that with just practising the moves over and over again, that I eventually get it. Line dancing is also really good exercise. :-)

    Thanks for your comment on my blog!

  2. Well, first, let me say GRATS on getting to 116.8 kgs! Fantastic!

    Good luck with the line dancing... as you get better, it will get more and more fun, and like Karen said, it will be a great fun exercise!

    You are adopted? I am too, kinda! I didn't know until I was 7 or 8, that my dad was not my dad at all, but my adopted father.

    And I agree with you, it didn't give me a complex, I am very proud of the dad I got!

  3. What a negative outlook your doctor had! They should recognise the fact you've now lost 60 k's rather than be negative about exercise.

  4. Hi Janine,
    Thought that after lurking for so long I had better leave a comment. So your post regarding adoption is the one I want to comment on.

    firstly I am also adopted and never felt I had a problem or 'issues' with it at all. Its only always been other who try and suggest that I probably do. Can be a little frustrating at times as I often think the phrase 'you don't miss what you don't know' is so true. How can I possibly miss what I've never had. My family are the people who raised me and bought me up. I now have a relationship with both my biological half brothers/sisters but nothing can change the fact we didn't grow up together. We know each other as adults who didn't share their formative lives together so there is no changing those lost years.

    A woman from a church got me to read a book called primal wound which I found quite interesting. Its about adoption and I must say did actually make me look at things a little differently. I will semi acknowledge things regarding bonding but things like abandonment certainly don't feel real to me.

    Sorry for the waffling, just wanted to say hi and share my two cents worth.

    Have a great day