Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Weekend Update

A bit late on the weekend update - but better than not posting at all.
Friday we had a busy schedule as Si had a worship workshop at the church on both Friday and Saturday. We went to dinenr at dad's place first which was also meant to have my brother, his wife and kids there, but they decided to come for lunch on Sunday instead.

The worship workshop was good, although as I am not musically inclined it was not quite up my ally. In fact i was not feeling so good at one point so I left and went home for a nana nap.

Saturday night we went to the movies to see Hancock, which I found really really good. It certainly was better than what the critics decribing.

Sunday rolled around and went to Dad's for lunch. Was really nice to catch up with them. Pretty much played our game after that.

Monday our friends here in Feilding re-opened their restaurant - Cafe Turkey. We popped along just after 5pm to see how they were doing, and then I went home and made their takeaway menus. They look fantastic!!!!!! Went back there with the proof and got dinner. I was really amazed. I managed to eat a whole small kebab over the space of about an hour. Was the yummiest thing I have had in ages.

This week is really busy at work as we have our annual conference and I am helping with some of the organisation. I am not going however as holding down the fort at the officeon Thursday & Friday.

Spot ya later.



  1. Some Crazy WoW Chick (aka Pali!)July 17, 2008 at 4:51 AM

    Oooh! Is the Cafe a Turkish restaurant? I've never been to one but I'd imagine that the food is quite yummy :D

    Glad to see that you guys are having a nice time and managing to get out, despite the cold weather!

  2. Janine I am no way anti WLS I was more going on about how people are in denial of what food they place in their mouth.... Hell I know I could not go the WLS route but for some it is the best option.... Sorry if you took me the wrong way... (Copied from my Blog)...

  3. Hey you! I just found your blog from a comment you left somewhere else. Great to see you are doing well and that the surgery went well. I remember hearing somewhere that you had surgery. Great news!