Monday, March 3, 2008

Fantastic Weekend

Yup - the weekend was a blast, first of all we met my dad, his girlfriend and some other family friends for dinenr at the local RSA (returned serviceman's association)where unfortunately there was no announcement!!

Dad quickly figured out that as both Simon & I were not drinking that he would be able to and that we would drive him safely home, which was fine, apart from we were not planning on staying till 11pm!!!!! Man that man can dance!!

Got home and feel into bed, up and roaring the next morning to get the bbq up and running. Had to take the dog over to my dad's for a play date, pick up some chairs and then get the supplies for the BBQ. Got home with about 2 hours to spare to get everything prepared and set up. Thought I might be able to have a little lie down but everyone started arriving bang on time. That's family for ya!!!

Forgot to take some pics during the event, but did manage to get a couple of the kittens and one of the big back yard!!

So here they are. Leeloo is the tabby and Riddick is the black one

Back yard view of house




  1. Good! Glad you had a good time! Had a little cook-out ourselves over the weekend. Bacon wrapped pork filets, mmmmm.

    OK, now which kitten is which?

  2. Yummmm just reading the Bacon wrapped Pork Fillets LOL anyway love the pics and what cutie cats :)

  3. Loving the updates and the photos girl! Keep em coming :)

  4. Oh dear, you have to move again! I'm sorry to hear that, but you seem in good spirits about it. And like you said, more pics to take and post, and more blog-worthy stories :)