Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Very Late Happy Easter!!

Man, where does time go when you are packing to move house.

Will be moving this coming Saturday so at the moment living in a pile of boxes.
Should be alot easier this time around, only a 25 min trip from house to house.

Easter was reasonably quiet and relaxed, got some of the packing done, and generally just had a quiet one.

Si's back is not the best again at the moment, and he is not sure where to from here. He has an appointment to see his surgeon again in May.

Weightloss wise, thing seem to have slowed right down for me. Not sure if that is due to a few naughty things creepy in, and the old snacking habit rearing it's head or if I have actually just slowed down.

Hoping to get sorted with a new gym/aqua aerobics routine once we move, and obviously with the area we are moving too, it will be easier to go out for walks in the evening.

One of the probs we have is that Si wants to work out together, but I actually need to do this separately as I tend to push myself harder.

We will see what happens with the weightloss after i get back into it.

Ciao for now



  1. Have a happy move :) - new number os same number....

  2. hope the move is going well girl