Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Very Quick Update

Wow, well the move went well, not as smoothly as we would have liked, but reasonable.
Most of the unpacking ahs been done. ISP are being a pain in hte butt and we might not have internet for another week.

Washing machine shat itself, so we bought a new one which should be being delivered today. I relented and also bought Simon a 32 inch flat screen LCD telly, so now he can play his xbox games whilst we are waiting for the internet to get connected.

The kittens had their operation's yesterday (speying and castration) and they handled it pretty well as you can see.

Also have my Dad in hospital at the moment, so I am going round to his house to check emails, feed the cat and dog, clear the mailbox, take porsche round to play with dad's dog Maia. Dad should be out of hospital on Saturday, although he will be out of action for a little bit as he has had a hip replacement. Lucky we are only now 5 mins walk away from him.

Anyway, back to work, as I said A very quick update.

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  1. regards to Rex will pass on news to Jimmy