Thursday, April 24, 2008

Awww Thanks Jaxx

Jaxx has kindly awarded me with the following.

The only trouble I am having is actually figuring out who to pass this onto as most of the people i read are now private, on hold or have stopped completely. And all the others that are public already have one!!!!!!

So I am going to give it my friend Leetoo, who has a blog that he does not update often, but when he does it always makes me think!!

Oh and as for the pics, I had trouble uploading them and as I thought they were so hideous anyway I decided not to publish them and I promise I will take better ones tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mind you it worked in getting you to comment!!!! HAHA


  1. Hi from another Kiwi. I went to Primary School in Marton. My Dad's family are from PN. Now I'm on the Coromandel.
    Found your blog via Jaxx.

    I find it interesting that the journey after surgery doesn't seem much easier because there is still the head and emotional stuff going on.

    I go to a Pentecostal Church. Have you seen what is going on at Lakeland, Florida or heard of Tod Bentley's ministry. It is amazing. if interested go to

    Best wishes

  2. Great award - I did well for a couple of days on my blog, but haven't done anything since - LOL