Sunday, April 13, 2008

Am I conditioned to Lie??

Friday was another interesting day and certainly another day of growing within this journey. I had an appointment with my surgeon and nutricionist for my 6 month check up (I am however not quite 5 months post op). They were both really happy with where I am at, and David (the surgeon) said that I have lost the first 50kgs extremely quickly due to the stricture, which of course I was aware of. Well, he just wanted to make sure that I was aware of that.

He said he was disappointed that he did not get to meet Simon as he didn't get the chance when I had the surgery. He said he get's concerned about the partners as the weight falls of, because as he said, people are glowing when they lose the weight and they get more confidence and their personalities seem to shine. Apparently alot of relationships can go through some really rocky parts around now, due to all the "attention" you get as you lose weight. I told him he has nothing to worry about at all, and that Simon and I pretty much spend all our spare time together anyhow.

The very interesting thing he did bring up was that the medical profession has conditioned us to lie about how we feel, what we eat,etc. He says this openly as a doctor as he really feels that most of the profession ask a question, get an answer they don't like and proceed to tell the patient off rather than helping them find a solution. He is about solutions, and that is why his team provide not only his skills, but the counceller, the pychologist, the nutricionist and a nurse, all available for our use. So do most of his patients use them? Answer - no where near as much as they should, partially because of the location, but mainly he thinks because people actually lie to themselves about where they are at. I know i had full intentions of not telling the Nutricionst "everything" about how I am eating, but after seeing David, I realised I was lying to myself.

Oh, the other big thing David and I talked about was church. Simon and I have just started going back to church, although not the family one I grew up in, as that is a very traditional church which I am not sure I can handle anymore, let alone Si who is from a more praise and worship style church.

So with all these positives at the moment, I am feeling really happy about where things are at, and yes, there are a few "naughties" that creep into my diet and thoughts, but with the support and love of those around me and the awareness of my ability to sometimes lie to myslef, I can make this journey a real growing experience (or shrinking - LOL)

The other brilliant thing about Friday was seeing my two hospital buddies. Both Michelle and Annie are looking fabulous, and we can all see the changes in each other much more so that ourselves.


  1. Awesome blog Janine. Count me in as a supporter :)


  2. You are doing awesome, am so proud of you :).

  3. Hi Janine, sounds like you are at a good place which is fantastic. The move from Welly has done you the world of good I'd say. Keep up the positive and winning attitude! Melissa (from AHB)

  4. Hey Janine-

    Keep up the good work! I'm glad to see you are doing well. Say hi to Simon for me and hopefully I'll be back to "Friends" in the next couple of months. Take care!


  5. Hey Janine - don't have your new work email.... last night went really well. He didn't stay but am maybe going there for dinner tonight. A true gentleman LOL. Email me at so I have your wrok addy.