Monday, March 17, 2008

Great Weekend - even the bad stuff seemed easy

Had a fantastic weekend.

Started on friday night whenw e had a potluck dinner at my dad's to go to. What he does is he gets about 12 people together for dinner, and we all take something, and we usually end up with a great feed. I had a great time, ate a little, not too much and had pavlova for dessert. It was yummy, although I did get a little light headed from it.

Saturday morning I got woken up early by my Dad, asking him if I could open his shop for him. He has a model railway shop where he imports models from the US and we have a mail order business, although on a sat afternoon he is open at home, where people can try things out on his layout.

So i opened that up while Si played with Dad's dog, we then went to do the grocery shopping where we got the rudest service!!!! This is a town that is called "Friendly Feilding". Got my own back though, an offical complaint was made via cellphone later that day!!! Bugger thing though, we only just managed to pay for the groceries on Si's credit card, as for some reason Si's pay was reduced by $400 this week.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Turns out his medical cert had expired, and for some reason they are not obliged to tell us this, and therefore they cut his support!!!!!!!!!! Should all be sorted today though, as he went to see the local doc, and hopefully we will get his pay before Easter. Thank goodness we live up here now, and Dad could help us out a bit, cos i certainly didn't have enough money for petrol.

Sat night just spent a quiet night in, and then on Sunday I had organised to get together with some others who have had or are thinking about Weight Loss Surgery. It was a great afternoon and certainly intersting to hear the differences between the surgeons and the procedeures. Pouch rules etc. We are going to have these get together's like once every 6 weeks, so it will be nice to see people changing with their progress.

Last night came home and played WOW, an online computer game that me and Si play. We have made some very good friends on their, mostly in the US *waves at leetoo* and I play most evenings and weekends. Well, sometimes it is a little hard to play as the pet's also demand attention. Last night was no exeption. i was busy with my character "Faithhealer" in a place called Tanaris, and they decided they wanted to sleep "ON MY DESK" - while I was playing. So I thought I would include a pic of them in the postion they expect me to play around.

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