Saturday, January 19, 2008

Two Months Post Op

Yup -it really has only been 2 months since my operation, and i have come such a long way.

Things have been pretty busy with organising the move, only 2 weeks to go till we move back home. Actually we are going to be living in Marton so it will still be a 30 min drive to work each day, but the rent was so cheap and it was one of the only places we could get to have a dog. And the section is going to be so good for her - 1/4 acre section for her to run around on.

Packing is going quite smoothly so all good. I started on my new supplements ( iron , calcium etc) and they were making me realy sick - like throwing up every evening meal, so i wnet to the healstore/chemist and we changed them all to ones that come in capsule form, and now I am doing fine.

I finally succumbbed to taking some comparison pics, I wasn't going to do it till 3 months, but I thought since it was 2 months and the camera was right there...I am actually surprised how much i seem to have lost of my bust, I would not have thought I had a big bust to start with .....and now, well, the photos speak for themselves......Other than that I can't actually see any difference.


  1. Hell girl huge difference - bloody awesome. You are doing fantastic :):)

  2. I can't belive that you can't see a difference. Your face/chin/neck area is smaller and your stomach isn't sticking out as far.

    Plus you have way better posture which means you are felling better about yuorself. :)

    I guess I will just have to wait for a couple of weeks when you move up here and give you the "hug test"

  3. definitely a lot of changes between the two photos.. well done :).. I know it's hard to see it in yourself.. but believe all of us when we tell you you look GREAT :)

  4. Hey Janine, all I can say is that you must be flippen blind if you can't see the differences! Your tummy is heaps smaller, you're very obviously narrower round the middle, you are standing with your feet closer together, no doubt due to your shrinking thighs, your cheeks are thinner - the difference is HUGE! And this is only the start of things to come. How fabulously exciting for you!!