Monday, January 28, 2008

A full on time

As the title suggests everything is very full on at the moment with only a week to go before I am back living in the Manawatu. We managed to find a house that we can have the animals, and although it is 30 mins drive to work (The house is in Marton) it is the house we immediately felt relaxed. So it must be the right house.

Thanks for your comments re my pictures, although I honestly can only see the difference in the bustline. We talked about it yesterday at the WLS support group and one of the guys there has lost 180 kgs and he still see's himself as fat, so it is all about individual perception i think. I am sure later on, I will be able to look back and see the difference, but at the moment it is "too close to home".

I know that I can certainly start to tell in my clothes, and I think I will be having to do some interim shopping in the next couple of months. Thank goodness for hour lunchs!!!

HEHE, oh theother cool thing about Marton is the gym. Total cost for one year full acccess $360. So I will be definately signing up for that, Access is from 5:30 am till 10:30 pm so lots of time to fit it in. Oh and Marton also has a 50 metre Indoor and Outdoor swimming pool, although it still closes down Late March as the population is not really big enough to keep it going through winter. :-(

Anyway if not before - will see you in the Manawatu J

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