Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Simon and I don't usually do anything for Valentines Day at all, it is so close to our wedding anniversary and we have never really done it. But On Sunday Si told me the reason he sold his mini helicopter (the one he got for Christmas) was that he wanted us to go our for a Valentines movie.....so we did on Sunday night, as tonight just would have been a pain......so, on Sunday we went to 'Sherlock Holmes' - It was great, but then I am a huge fan of Robert Downey Jnr. The only downside to going to the movies is the candy bar.....we both enjoy popcorn - actually Si loves it. So we decided to get some, but after the movie we both felt blah............... and heavy and bloated and just yuck. So I guess that is our body responding to the toxin. 

Weightwise things have been a little over the place since I really started being low carb on Jan 28th. I was 121.9 kgs on that day and this morning I am 117.8 kgs, so that has come down, but over that two weeks it has bounced around a little. I am recording my weight daily and you can find it on the 2012 Weigh ins Tab (above). Si is also dropping and seems to be enjoying low carb (most of the time). 

The thing I am getting the biggest kick out of is I don't seem to need to plan my evening meals as much. It is just take the meat out.......and decide on the veges at the time. We are having a huge variety of veges and I am even learning to like some I used to hate.....like zucchini.

I also made a new recipe for the LSA Crackers last night. These ones are Garlic and Rosemary LSA Crackers, and they are perfect (if not a little salty). Even Simon likes them. The recipe makes about 60 crackers.......so very very economical. 

Anyway, off to work again.......another day.....another dollar as they say. 


  1. I am definitely going to have to try those LSA crackers, just need to get the LSA product next time I'm in town. I was a big cracker eater so would like to have an alternative to the meal mates or rice crackers I used to snack on.

  2. THAT is what Valentines day is about! What a lovely thing to do.