Thursday, November 13, 2014

Nov 2014

So I have not updated on here for an age. Alot has happened since March 2013, and life changing events. 

I am no where near my goal weight, after more health related issues. In June 2013, I had an Aortic Dissection and I have a 30 cm tear in my aorta. I spent 6 nights in ICU in Wellington, and I am on serious medication which in some ways has hindered my weight loss, BUT to be honest, it has more to do with my choices and my thought processes that it would just happen. If you want to check out more about Aortic Dissections....go to

At the end of the day, losing the regain is going to take determination, perseverance, honesty and hard work.  I know that I can achieve targets at work, so why can't I in this aspect of my life? I keep telling myself that it is just because I love food, but I know it is probably deeper than that, but do I want to delve into the depths of my mind to figure it out......not really. I would rather just accept that I have work to do, set those targets and get the job done. 

So that is what I am going to try to do.