Sunday, May 29, 2016


so from my last post I found the treadmill hard to use for more than 5 mins, I looked back to my time at u-kinetics, and the exercise I did the most was the Exercycle and I really enjoyed it. I think from memory I only did about 15 mins, as well as 5 mins on treadmill and some other weight training type exercise.

One of the girls from work is actually a qualified personal trainer and she has said she will help me formulate a plan that I can do from home and she will help me in any way I need. I am going to take her up on it.

I also met with my liver specialist this week, and she is wanting me to have an ultrasound and another liver biopsy, and all going well she wants to take me off the steroids as she thinks I might actually be in remission.

So it is a matter of watch this space.

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  1. Hey Janine, how is it going? I follow you on FB but with the new baby have been hopeless about commenting. Hope you are well and in fact you did end up being in remission. I am restarting the healthy journey again and would love to hear how you are. Not sure from memory if you are a reader of my blog but if you want to read just let me know: and I'll add you.

    Much love and support for your journey, Penny xo