Thursday, May 8, 2008

Gratitude for Today

Have been doing a little bit of soul searching the last week or so. Things have felt a bit rough, not losing as much as I think I should be, and letting some bad habits get in the way as well. I also have not being doing as much exercise as this cold weather has put a damper on things.

Si is having some issues with his back and we have been to see his surgeon last week and will be off to see his surgeon again next week to see what the results of the CT scan look like.

One of my greatest resources at the moment is a website called Renewed Reflections. It is a site that provides information and support for Weightloss Surgery Patients, and although it is based in the US the information and support is great.
I get the weekly news letter and the following is from that.

If you’ve got happiness on hold until you get to the “destination”, you’re never going to have it. Happiness isn’t over there, because “there” continues to move. The key is to enjoy the little things that you see along the way and use their magic and beauty to divert you from the temptations that can lead you off the path. Enjoy nature, an original gift from a loving Father. Organize a weekly game night with friends. Take walks. Turn off the television and go putter in the garden. Look at the gifts that God has given you and turn your back on the Trojan horses of instant gratification the “world” offers up as temptations.

Learning to live a new life after weight loss surgery is all about awareness, awareness of your surroundings, and of yourself. By staying in the now and appreciating the small blessings of everyday life, you can experience an awesome sense of gratitude for the second chance that you’ve been given. Don’t beat yourself up if you occasionally slip and fall. You’re never going to be perfect, but you are going to grow wise. Keep moving forward, and enjoy the view from each new stepping stone in your life.

I really can relate to some of the above, although more so when I was living in Wellington – and I think that we all do it to a certain extent. ‘Putting Happiness on hold” is no way to live. So what am I going to do to ensure I am enjoying my life right now?

- Cards – I like going, not only do I spend time with Dad, I get to know some really cool older people, whom I know I can learn a lot from.
- Aqua Aerobics – Once a week class at aqua because I enjoy it
- Get out for dinner at least once a month.
- Go to the movies at least once a month.
- Go for weekend drives and explore the area we live in!!!!
- Show Simon where I grew up on the farm.
- Have people over for dinner more often.

I would love any suggestions that you can think of to just stop and inhale deeply, smell the roses, and enjoy the day!!!!!!!!!


  1. That is so awesome Janine.

    I will 'lift' that quote if that's alright and post on my blog along with my little things to be greatful for.

    What great inspiration.

  2. That is so true.... life is so short and we have to live every day as a happy one :)

  3. Really agree with you. I think you are well on the road to enjoying life now!

    Things I like - curling up with a juicy book in front of the fire. Walks on the beach. Sounds corny but watch a sunset, smile at someone in passing. If you can't make a dinner once a month, a nice brunch somewhere would be fun.