Monday, May 12, 2008

Hair today - gone tomorrow!!!

Yup you guess it – almost 6 months post- op and my hair starts to fall out in clumps in the shower.Well probably not clumps but it is coming out at about 20 strands per tug!!!I strong suspect that it has a lot to do with me still not managing to take my supplements correctly. So from now on, I must take my pills!!!!!!!!!

Good news on the scales this week though – especially after trying to decide what scales to use. This morning I got on my home scales after my shower and I was dressed (except jumper and boots) and it was 122.9 kgs. So when I get to work I jump on the work scales and I was 125.1 kgs!!!!!!

I decided to take off my jumper and boots and check again, and damn it my boots and jumper weighed 1.9 kgs!!!So I am now officially down to 123.2 kgs!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That means a loss of 2.1 kgs over the last couple of weeks. And now I must remember to weigh in wearing the same clothes each Monday!!!

Had a really quiet weekend, Si was not feeling the best, and for some reason no food tasted good yesterday, so I was a bit picky and I think I got up Si’s nose a bit, especially when I refused to eat the eggs he had cooked yesterday morning.

OH, another weird thing, I can eat a whole mini bag of butter popcorn. How weird is that???


  1. You are doing an amazing job, this is hard road and everyday is a learning adventure, hang in there your doing wonderful

  2. I forgot to ask you first so I'm asking now. I hope it is OK to add a link to your Blog on my sidebar.

    I haven't read too much yet and look forward to catching up with your amazing journey