Thursday, December 11, 2008

14 sleeps to go…..14 sleeps to Santa

Yup – only 14 sleeps till presents. Now some of you asked if I really had a pressies cupboard…..and I do. At the moment most things are wrapped, although we did have to get some more wrapping paper last night, so a few more to go into it yet. I have got really good at buying gifts throughout the year and it helps that I sell Avon, so sometimes I get some really good deals.

So here are 2 shelves of our pressies cupboard. There are even presents in the pink bag!!!

Now Si is pretty sure he is not getting a present from me this year since I got him the bike, but I am trying to source him something he has been waiting for a while.
I have been asking him for a pic of the bike, but he hasn’t given me one yet, so I thought I would show you a pic from the internet. The only difference is our one has the sissy bar on the back so I don’t fall off.

Oh, as mentioned, I have been really busy with the wedding preparation, and all the invites have gone out and I am starting to get RSVP’s. It is quite exciting. I have scanned a copy of the invite for those to see, although they didn’t scan as well as what they look. The black is velvet flocking paper and the other is a shimmery paper which reflects the light really well.

Looking forward to this weekend, we are having friends over for a BBQ on Saturday evening and that is all we have to do……that and the NZ Christmas cards that I must get out soon.

I would love to hear what plans you have for Christmas….are you staying home, or heading away for a few days like me. I am off to Lake Taupo for 4 nights.


  1. Sheesh girl, talk about organised with your pressies! You put the rest of us to shame hehe

    Not planning on going away over Christmas, but will see how I am after the op on Monday... might sneak in a trip to Wgtn for a night or two :)

  2. Have all our presents wrapped so feel "on top" on it all this year. Christmas day this year is spent with our two girls, one of them has in laws visiting from England, also the four grandsons. christmas night is probably a ham sandwich and relax mode. The next day we are to to the beach for almost two weeks:-)

  3. My friends and I go to St Stephen's in Tuahiwi, NorthCanterbury for Midnight Mass, then Christmas morning it's brunch, ( My partner and sons will cook) for family and friends, and I am cooking Christmas Dinner ( yes full English version) for about 16 people. Lots of Lindauer oh and chocolate, lots of chocolate)