Thursday, December 18, 2008

7 Sleeps till Santa……and 2 sleeps till my Motorcycle training.

I am so excited, I am like a kid at the moment, I am finally going to learn how to ride!!! Hopefully I do okay and I earn my basic skills handling….then I just need to do my theory and I will be licensed to ride, which means I will be on the hunt for a cheap 250 to learn on.

I have been kind of taking it easy over the last week and not done a lot. I had my last Avon delivery (before Christmas) this week and now I can take a little break from it till mid January. I really only do it so I can get stuff for myself cheaper, but realistically the price of the catalogues etc makes it not cost effective. Oh well – I kind of treat it like a hobby anyway.

Oh, I was going to take a pic of out house with the Christmas decorations etc – but the cat has pulled over the tree so many times and broken most of the ornaments……so the only thing I have to show you is my Christmas mantle display – which a friend made for me. It is really lovely!!

On the body image front – I am now starting to hate the loose skin, especially when it comes to trying to find a swimsuit. I am so little up-top that I have had to go with a tankini top and lycra shorts for the bottoms (hate the loose skin on my legs). Actually I hate my arms as well and I really think I would be better off with a wetsuit. But once again my bottom half is still to chunky to feel comfortable in one.

Body image is one of those weird things that I am not sure will ever come right. I was reading a post by Jaxx recently about things that you can do to feel more confident about yourself everyday……

Something we should all live by everyday....

1. When standing in front of a mirror and taking a look at what you think are "problem areas" (problem areas according to the media's beauty standards), focus on your dazzling smile, killer hair, and great cleavage instead of how you don't have great abs.
2. Take a good look at Rubens' nudes and Renoir's bathing beauties. You will find they are beautiful. If you look like that, you too are beautiful!
3. Apply make-up (but not in an amateur way; browse the 'net for information on techniques that will suit you). The high you get from seeing your face come to life is unbeatable.
4. Develop a fabulous strut. Try to walk swaying your hips a little. Don't be afraid to get in touch with your feminine side.
5. Highlight what you like about yourself by buying clothes that draw attention to these areas. Got a great cleavage? Show it off a little!
6. Believe you are beautiful. Think beautiful and live beautiful. Walk on the street and feel beautiful. Hold your head up high, toss your hair, and take a deep breath. If you don't believe you are beautiful, how will others see you as beautiful?
7. Smile, smile, smile. Nothing makes a woman seem more attractive than a friendly smile.
8. Avoid programs that show impossible beauty. Don't get caught up in the lie!
9. Don't be afraid of the mirror. Look at your body and bond with it. Feel those curves and be thankful you are healthy.
10. Understand that the most important part of beauty comes from within. Outer beauty fades through time, but inner beauty lasts throughout your whole life. Cultivate your spirit, read, soar, and don't spend so much time in front of that TV!
Now I know that I need to work on most of these things….although I am proud to admit that I have a fabulous strut!!!

I am going to work on these some more, and I am going to re-find my motivation. I would really like to lost the next 8.3 kgs and finally be under 100 kgs for the first time that I can remember. So, my next post will be about how I believe I will achieve this and the steps that I will take to make the most of the tool that my surgeon has given me.


  1. Are you not doing campaign #4? Now that I think about it.... I wish I had taken a break from Avon too over Christmas! I will be out making my deliveries tonight..... Ah well, never mind :)
    Good luck for your first riding lesson! EXCITING!!!!!

  2. So love those things to live by I have printed it of and placed it on the fridge and in my bedroom. :-)

  3. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I'm so glad you did. I have read yours.

    As for the gallstones have taken on board what you said. I agree. I also agree that I will not suffer anymore and will do something about it.

    I LOVE your idea of a pressie cupboard during the year. I would do it. Only problem is we have 6 kids. THEY WILL FIND IT.

    Have a really super christmas and I promise I will comment more.

  4. Great to talk to you the other night:-)

    New Year ahead Janine, exciting for you to aim for those double digits!

  5. Janine - it's been my pleasure to get to know you these last few weeks. I see you are a year behind me in surgery and after reading your blog (finally) I heard and saw many of the same things I dealt with. The next 20 will go when you least suspect it, that is what happened to me! Happy Holidays and your decorations (or what's left is beautiful)